Holiday Ordering Deadlines

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Hey everyone!

If you follow Fabled Fragrances on social media or have signed up for e-mails, chances are you have seen this before. I would like to remind everyone of this year's Holiday Ordering Deadlines.

Holiday Ordering Deadlines picture

The dates represent the best date to get your order in by so that it will have enough time to arrive before December 25th. If an order is placed after these dates, then I cannot guarantee that an order will arrive on time.

The USPS has their own set of mail-by dates, and the above dates include any processing time for the shop plus a few days for the inevitable delays that usually occur with the USPS during this time of year with the influx of packages.

My recommendation: order early! Getting your order in before these dates is always the best way to make sure that your gifts arrive on time. I cannot stress this enough.

Thank you, and happy holidays!

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