FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: Where is Fabled Fragrances located?
A: Fabled Fragrances is located in Austin, TX.

Q: Is Fabled Fragrances a big company?
A: Fabled Fragrances is a small, independently owned business. I am the owner and sole employee.

Q: Do you have a physical shop location that I can purchase from?
A: My shop exists solely in cyberspace. That way I can be available to customers from all over the world!

Q: Does Fabled Fragrances do wholesale orders?
A: Currently, I am not doing wholesale orders.

Q: Can I find Fabled Fragrances’ product in stores?
A: No, Fabled Fragrances’ products can only be found on this website and Etsy.


Q: Is your site secure?
A: Yes, checkout is protected by an SSL certificate and all payments are processed through either Paypal or Stripe. No private information will ever be given out.

Q: Where do I put my scent/color choices?
A: When you check out, there will be a comments box/notes to seller box that you can type your choices into before submitting your order. If you forgot to put your choices before submitting your order, just send me a message using the Contact button at the bottom of the page.

Q: The eyeshadow I bought from you doesn't look as vibrant as your pictures, what do I do?
A: Some eyeshadows are more pigmented than others, but to get the best color payoff I recommend a sticky/tacky primer for shimmer eyeshadows and a white cream primer for matte eyeshadows. A glitter glue primer will offer the best results for eyeshadows that have duochrome/highlight effects and/or lots of sparkles (this helps minimize fallout on to the cheeks).

Q: Where can I find the ingredients for a product?
A: Each product's list of ingredients will be stated in the listing in the description or on the Product Information page under the Information tab.

Q: Are your products cruelty free/vegan?
A: All of my products are cruelty free, in that I do not ever test them on animals (only willing humans such as myself). Not only is it an inhumane practice, but it is extremely expensive. Most of my products are vegan unless otherwise stated in the product listing (such as eyeshadows that contain carmine as an ingredient).

Q: Which perfumes are 100% natural?
A: All perfumes that are 100% natural will be noted in the product listing. Each scent note in each perfume is marked either "natural" or "synthetic." Currently, the 100% natural fragrances in my shop are Bacchus, Frankincense and Myrrh, Gunslinger, Ishtar, Ostara, Patchouli Sandalwood, and Quetzalcoatl.

Q: Is your lip gloss vegan?
A: Yes, all of my lip glosses are vegan.

Q: Is this eyeshadow vegan/lip safe?
A: If an eyeshadow is vegan or lip safe it will be stated in the listing.

Q: I run a blog/vlog; may I have free stuff to review?
A: Unfortunately, no. Small businesses rarely can afford to give out free samples without a prior purchase. I do give free samples with a minimum purchase, and in the future I may create a blogger pack of discounted samples. Please see the Current Promotions page for more details.

Q: Can I request a custom item?
A: Currently, I am not doing custom items/orders. However, if you have an idea for a new scent/color, send me a message and I might add it to my shop later.


Q: Do you ship to my country?
A: Yes! I ship all around the world.

Q: What do shipping costs include?
A: Shipping includes not only the cost of purchasing the shipping label, but it also includes insurance and packaging/handling costs.

Q: I accidentally entered an incorrect shipping address; will you re-ship my package?
A: Yes, but the customer will have to re-pay for shipping fees. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure their shipping address is correct when placing an order.

Q: Will you mark my parcel "gift" so I don't receive any taxes or fees on it?
A: It is illegal for me to mark a package as "gift" when it is not, and I always mark international packages as "merchandise." Marking a package as a gift when it is not can result in hefty fines and even jail time.

Q: I was charged a tax/fee to receive my package; will you pay it?
A: Unfortunately, some international packages that are valued over a certain amount (differs by country) may be charged a tax or fee. The customer is responsible for knowing the VAT for their country and is also in charge of paying for these fees, as it is actually illegal for me to do so and may result in large fines or even jail time if I did.

Q: Why are your production times so long/Why hasn't my package shipped yet?
A: Current production times before shipment are 4-7 DAYS. It is a one-person show here at Fabled Fragrances, and each item is made fresh to order. Many times, there will be anywhere from 10-35 orders ahead of one that was just placed. I always stay within the stated processing times, and I pad them enough just in case of emergencies. If an order will be delayed beyond the maximum production time for any reason, you will receive a message stating when it will ship and the option to either cancel or continue.

Q: What if my package gets lost?
A: Domestic packages usually take 3-7 business days for First Class Mail and 2-4 business days for Priority Mail. International packages can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to arrive depending on which country a package is traveling to. During busy times of the year (Thanksgiving and Christmas, namely), packages can take much longer to arrive. If you package has not arrived by the stated times above, and tracking (if available) has not shown a delivery attempt, then please message me with your order number. Orders that were insured will be submitted for a claim. Please see my Returns and Exchanges section for more information.


Q: Do you accept returns/exchanges?
A: Due to the nature of cosmetics and perfumes, I only accept return/exchanges if an item is unopened, still sealed with shrink film, or if the tamper evident cap has not been broken. An item that has been opened is considered "used," and thus cannot be resold.

Q: Something came up; can I cancel my order?
A: Yes, though I highly recommend doing so as soon as possible, preferably within 4 days of placing the order. Orders that have been marked shipped cannot be canceled.

Q: What if I don't like what I received?
A: Scent is very subjective, and colors can differ between computer monitors. Unfortunately, I do not issue refunds for buyer's remorse, and I offer samples/testers of almost all of my products. For more information, please see my Returns and Exchanges section under the Information tab.

Q: When will I get my refund after a return?
A: Refunds are given once I receive the item(s) back. Refunds go back to the account or card that was used to purchase the item with and usually show up in about 3-5 business days.

Q: Will I get what I paid for shipping back?
A: If an order has not shipped out yet and it is canceled, then the full purchase price including shipping will be refunded. If a package has shipped out and is lost/damaged/canceled, then only the price paid for the product(s) will be refunded. This is because the amount paid for shipping has been used to create the label and purchase insurance if needed, and so is no longer in my account to refund.